Monday, February 16, 2015

Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep. How to keep your physical health in balance.

I admit it.
I've got tunnel vision sometimes and I can only see that one thing that I am caught up in. I am a self proclaimed nutrition nerd and I LOVE reading about how what we eat effects our bodies and our lives.
BUT here is the problem. There's more to our physical health than just nutrition.

We have to keep a steady balance of these 3 areas of our physical health to feel our best. Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep.  Skip out on one of these and your health will start to take a dive.
I know. . .

I've been there.

I mostly forget the importance of a good nights sleep. I was an insomniac in college and it's so easy to fall back into those patterns, especially when my kids are sleeping and the house is calm and quiet and I can work for hours uninterrupted.
As part of my goals for this year, I am choosing to shut down my brain and my business at 11:00 pm and get myself into my cozy bed. I'm a MUCH happier person when I am not tired and I tend to make better eating choices too. Did you know that if you are sleep deprived your body tries to make up for it by craving extra carbs? Yikes!

So 30 minutes before you should go to bed. . . just go to bed! 

During the daytime keep as active as possible. If you are working at a desk job, get up and walk around. Maybe take a walk on your lunch break. Or get up extra early and move yo body! I have some really good short workout DVDs that will make you feel like a million bucks. Just ask!

Nutrition is VERY VERY important. But remember that exercise and sleep are just as important for your overall health and well being. Check your self and see if you are in balance.

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